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    Dreamweaver Owners: what's your version & build #?




      With a Creative Cloud subscription, I use Dreamweaver CS6 — v12.1 b5966.


      Is this the same version and build number used by owners of Dreamweaver CS6??



      You see, I opted for a subscription instead of buying Dreamweaver CS6 because the latest update patch was only available to Creative Cloud subscribers.


      I feared this practice was a sign of things to come -- that, from now on, people who pay up-front for a license to use Dreamweaver indefinitely will always be deprived of some features.


      Now that several months have passed, I'm wondering if this is still the case.


      I'm hoping that maybe Adobe has decided to just release updates to subscribers first, but eventually releases all updates to all paid customers -- owners as well as subscribers.


      But according to Adobe's feature list for Dreamweaver CS6, subscribers are still treated better than owners.


      The webpage promoting Dreamweaver's features hasn't changed at all for many months, though. So I'm wondering if it's even current. I'm hoping it's not.


      (Adobe no longer posts detailed version histories or release notes -- with build numbers, dates & descriptions of each bug fix & improvement or change -- so it's not so easy to know what's going on with the software.)


      Anyway, I'm wondering if we -- Dreamweaver CS6 subscribers, and Dreamweaver CS6 owners -- have the same version and build numbers, or not.


      Thus, if you own Dreamweaver CS6 (own a license to use Dreamweaver CS6), then please:


      1. Click "Help" > "Updates" to make sure you have all available updates;


      2. Click "Help" > "About Dreamweaver" to learn your exact version and build numbers;


      3. Post the version and build numbers here, and specify that you indeed an owner of Dreamweaver CS6, not a subscriber or trial user.


      I'm only asking one person to do this. That's all. Thanks!


      (If we do have the same version and build numbers, but you want to dig deeper as an owner, then go to the features page, and see whether your copy of Dreamweaver CS6 actually has all the features ...or not.)




      PS: If we learn that subscribers and owners still do not get equal treatment (equal versions and builds with equal features and equal bug fixes), and if you do not think this is fair, then please let Adobe know.


      PPS: And if you switch products, then let Adobe know too. It's because Adobe has a monopoly that it takes customers for granted, and thus refuses to provide detailed product release notes, or adequate tech support, or products that have all features fully updated. 

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          John Waller Legend

          With a Creative Cloud subscription, I use Dreamweaver CS6 — v12.1 b5966.


          Is this the same version and build number used by owners of Dreamweaver CS6??



          There are, and always will be, two versions (and build numbers) of Dreamweaver: perpetual and cloud.

          http://blogs.adobe.com/dreamweaver/2012/12/dreamweaver-cs6-updates-for-perpetual-ccm-users .html


          Cloud members will always have early access to new and improved features compared to perpetual. That's an Adobe promise to Cloud members. Perpetual will gain these Cloud-only features in the next paid-for upgrade version of DW (CS7).


          Dreamweaver CS6 cloud members currently have access to 12.1.1.


          Dreamweaver CS6 perpetual license owners currently have 12.0.3.

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            Ben M Ninja

            John, isn't is 6.5 then 7?  I thought Adobe said .5 release every year and CS every other year.  So they still get the updates, but only once a year if they continue to upgrade.

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              John Waller Legend

              @SnakEyez: maybe (I only mentioned CS7 in passing) but David Powers commented in a forum post last year that his latest mail was that Adobe might be quietly dropping the idea of .5 releases due to end user confusion.



              Be really hard to follow updates if 6.1 and 6.2 are free updates but 6.5 is a paid-for upgrade then 6.5.5 and 6.6 are free - but only for 6.5.x customers - and so on.


              But then end users understanding of Adobe's version numbering is not exactly clear cut now - even without .5 numbering thrown into the mix - given the existence of this very thread,


              And then try finding Release Notes for each point release for every product......and then Adobe makes major menu changes in Cloud only DW mid-cycle dot releases.....


              I've always felt that Adobe was digging a confusing version numbering hole (which feature is in which version?) since the Cloud was announced. It's a bit of a mess all round in my view. Someone needs to hit the reset button and start afresh.

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                Rick Gerard Mythic

                So here's a good question. I have both a perpetual license and a cloud subscription. I just checked for updates on the machine that had the cloud version using the Help>Updates feature, was directed to an update, but now my Subscription machine has the same build as my Perpetual license machine and all of the cloud features have gone away. Both machines are running 12.0.3 build 5861


                Any ideas about how to fix this???