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    Auto Flow and Master Page Text Boxes - CS6


      I am trying to auto flow copy into text boxes which were set up on a master page (so I can do a universal width adjustment later on if needed). However, even after using the text box auto flow modifier keys when placing the copy, I still get new text boxes. Therefore, I can not make universal changes later on. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I am working with a very lengthy document. Thanks.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          CS6 uses a new type of master frame, the Primary Text Frame, and it's really meant to be used with Smart Text Reflow (which I hate and turn off immediately) and apparently they cannot be used with the old auto-flow keyboard methods. If Smart Text Reflow is enabled you'll get autoflow without using modifier keys.


          If the text frames are snapped to the margin guides and you enable Layout Adjustment before making the change, adjusting the margins on a master page will change the shape of the frames even if you don't use master frames. Layout Adjustmen in CS6 is now hidden from users in the Liquid Layout panel flyout menu.