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    Unable to save indt files at all


      Hi, I've looked through the forums but haven't found a solution that's worked or the quite the same problem as I have, so here it goes:


      I have InDesign CS6 version 8.0.1 with Windows 7 64-bit however I have been unable to save .indt files sent to me from a couple different sources.


      When opening the file I also get the warning message saying I'm missing the "LILO.InDesignPlugin" but the template still seems to open no problem.


      However, when I click 'Save', 'Save As', or even 'Save a Copy' nothing happens. None of them are greyed out, but no window pops-up for me to save the file, even if I make changes.


      I tried exporting the file as anything else but nothing works--I get the "Failed to export the PDF file" message every time.


      Any thoughts on how to resolve this?


      Thanks for the help!