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    Problem installing PSE9 on a "different" PC


      I've had just about every Elements edition. I previously had PSE9 installed on two laptop PCs. When PSE11 was first introduced, I ordered a copy directly from Adobe, and downloaded it to my workstation laptop. I'm pretty sure I completely uninstalled PSE9 from the workstation at that point, doing so well before installing it on my wife's desktop PC. However, in trying to activate PSE9 on the desktop, I'm told that the activation limit has been reached, and, therefore, the activation code will not work, etc. I'm told I have to deactivate one of the other copies of PSE9, and try again...but there's nothing to disable/deactivate on the machine I installed 11 on, and only one other machine currently has it installed. What can I do to get PSE9 activated on the desktop? (Or, instead of installing PSE9 on her machine, can I install 11 on it - without penalty? I'd rather have PSE9 on hers, but I suppose I could live without it.) Anyway, thanks very much for any help with this!