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    Zoom/blur/chaotic effect for a fighting scene


      Hi there! I'm an Italian guy, so I'm SORRY for my really bad english. So, I'm a new user of this amazing forum , and I'm new in the "video making art" too, so I will not too ambicious about making video...BUT I would like to make a promotional video for my airsoft Club...and I thought something like that:


      I want to be clear: I know that this video is at a pro level...but I only want to know few things about it:

      1) at 1:05 we can see a this guy face, and a VERY shaking/chaoting shooting with a uninterrupted zoom in/out on the soldier. You can see this effect for the enitre fighting scene, and I think that they are so cool for a shooting/fighting scene! So: those effects have a particoular name or not? Is a  particoular video technique or a  post production effect?

      2) There is any tutorial/video tutorial to make it?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In that video at 1:05 it looks like an in camera effect. IOW, the guy holding the camera couldn't keep his hand off the zoom and couldn't hold still. If that sounds like a criticism, it may be. That kind of shooting was boring to me in 1981 when every tv series from Hill Street Blues to whatever. A very little of that kind of thing goes a very long way.


          If you haven't got it in camera you can fake it in AE. The easiest way would be to take just the clip you want to shake, zoom and rack focus and animate scale, position and animate a box blur. Just turn on motion blur and jack the shutter angle in the Advanced Composition settings up to about 720º to exagerate the effect. You could even spice it up more if you enable time remapping, throw in a few extra keyframes and then drag them around a bit. 


          If you don't know anything about setting keyframes then start with the basics by going through at least the materials you'll find at the Getting Started with AE link on the forum home page. I'm not going to post a link because I've done it a million times and only a few bother to click on it.


          Here's an example shot with my iPhone camera while I was writing this post:


          Spent about 2 mins on the project. As you can see it's not nearly as organic as an in camera version of the same idea.

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            As Rick says, everything you're seeing in this clip is done in camera, except for the text.


            The slow mo stuff is shot with a high frame rate camera.  Plenty of DSLR cameras will shoot high frame rate these days.


            The action stuff is shot with a high shutter speed.  This reduces the level of motion blur captured by the camera, giving it that edgy, pristine look that was made famous in films like Saving Private Ryan.  Most mid-level video cameras and DSLRs will allow you to set a high enough shutter speed to get this effect.

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              lovaj_1 Level 1

              I'm sorry but when I use my Canon 500d in "video mode" I don't see anytingh about shutter speed setting! Are you sure that I can set it?

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Not trying to be rude but have you read the manual?  You'll find it here. I don't have the time to go through it and find the answer for you.