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    Does exporting DV using "Match Sequence Settings"


      I am capturing VHS and Hi8 home video using a Canopus ADVC-300 and Premiere Pro CS6.  The output is DV, about 14GB/hour.  Most of the captures are unattended (have a 4 TB disk, backed up of course, but space is not a big concern right now).  I'd like to get everything imported before starting any serious editing, so I capture each tape twice: the first time, the video itself; then I rewind, turn the timestamp indicator overlay on, and capture again with the camera running at 2x speed.  That way I can quickly find when a particular segment of a tape was recorded without winding the tape around in the camera, looking for the scene and the time isn't overlaid over the image.


      I have two questions:


      1) Since the captures are unattended, I need to trim the blue screen off the end of each captured files to save disk space.  I'd like to confirm that if I trim a sequence and export with "Match Sequence Settings" set, that Premiere will not re-encode the DV except for the parts that I actually changed (I sometimes use dip to black around damaged segment of tape).  Based on the export speed, I don't think it's recompressing and the quality looks the same but I'd like to double-check.


      Does Premiere Pro CS6 always mark the timeline with the colored bar if processing is required?  The "dip to black" parts get a yellow bar, but the rest has no bar.  That would be a clue.


      Also, the export dialog has "Use Maximum Render Quality" unchecked by default.  I check it -- does it matter?


      2) What is the best way to permanently associate a date/time with the captured video? I didn't see any way to bake it into the DV for each segment.  I'm using comments in sequence markers, set at the start of each clip, but the sequence markers don't move if I ripple-delete, say 10 seconds of noise in the middle of a track.  I can't figure out how to get markers attached to the video track instead of to the sequence.  I found some videos that say how to do this, but they don't seem to apply to CS6.  I found that if I export the sequence, the markers then do get backed into the DV.  But I need them not to move if I ripple-edit.  Is that possible?


      3) My plan is to add a 3 or 5 second overlay title to the beginning of each segment saying what it is and when it was captured, but only for the final export.  Is there a trick that I could use to create a title from a marker?   This is not a big deal, but seems like a useful feature.


      Sorry if the answer to these questions are obvious -- thanks for your patience. 

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          cvid01 Level 4

          1. What's the purpose of exporting your video? What do you plan to do with it? Maybe you do not have to save it again as a DV file.


          2. You can put in information for each video in the Project panel. There are columns that allow you to insert various information as you choose. Also, you can always insert a title indicating the information you wish.


          3. I don't know if you can create a title from a marker, but you can copy and paste the information in Titler from a marker.

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            ZimFromIRK Level 1

            Thanks for replying.  The reason I want to re-export the captured DV is because I capture unattended, and don't know how much video there is on a 2 hour Hi8 tape or VHS tape.  


            I could find out by fast-forwarding through the tape and stopping, but it's more efficient to just capture the entire tape and then trim the end off the tape and re-export.  I'm planning on archiving the raw DV capture, and 1-1/2 hours will fit on a 25GB BluRay disk.  Two hours won't.


            Thanks for the tip about the project panel.  I never scrolled it to the right far enough to see the "description" or "log note" field.  Hopefully those notes will wind up in the metadata of the DV .AVI file, but even if it doesn't, I'm planning on archiving the Premiere Pro project file with the DV .AVI file.


            The copy/paste from marker to title is what I'm doing now.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something easier.


            So... does anyone know if Premiere Pro will pass-through the original DV if I re-export after making minor edits?

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              ZimFromIRK Level 1

              I answered at least part of my own question: I picked a frame at random in the original DV capture and in the exported, trimmed DV copy, reoaded both avi files, and took a snapshot of both frames into a .BMP file.  The two resulting .BMP files are bit-for-bit identical.  So that suggests that Premiere CS6 does not recompress DV. 

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                1. On a Windows machine, PP will do a simple file copy for unaltered frames when doing from DV to DV, no transcoding.  You do not need (and should not use) Match Sequence Settings for this to occur.


                2. Clip Markers are set in the Source Monitor, not the Sequence.


                3. Copy/Paste is about it.

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                  ZimFromIRK Level 1

                  Thanks!  I am curious about why I shouldn't use "match sequence settings", though. 

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    It's generally better to keep those parameters under your control by setting things manually.

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