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    What happened to all the images in the Organizer?

    Tommyvincent Level 1

      I posted a similar question in the Photoshop Elements forum and got no answer that solved the problem. The reason I'm now posting it here is that I suspect copying the lessons from the Premiere Elements 11 Classroom in a Book may have caused the problem.


      The problem: I have a dozen folders in the Organizer. They all had photos in them up until a few days ago. Now when I single-click on the folders I get this message in the Media Browser, "No media to be displayed."


      After I got some suggestions in the Photoshop Elements forum I tried exploring around in the Organizer. I double-clicked all the folders. When I did this, what showed up in all the folders were a dozen frames from a lesson (the same lesson) in the Classroom in a Book. This is crazy.


      I'm now on Lesson six in Classroom and I am learning a lot from these lessons, but I wonder if copying the video examples from the book's DVD has somehow screwed up my Organizer.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No one here can respond for Photoshop Elements Classroom in a Book.


          However, one thing I note in my books is to be sure that you're in the main menu in the Organizer's Media Browser. If you have a filter checked or if you are in an album, the Media Browser will only display the media files that meet those criteria.


          Have you ensured that you're not filtering your media, you do not have any Tags selected and you have not selected any Albums? Sometimes clicking the Back button in the upper left of the Media Browser will get you back to the main media space.

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            Tommyvincent Level 1



            After I've worked through all the lessons in the Classroom book I'll get yours. There is a lot of functionality in Premiere Elements 11 so I'll need to do some studying from different perspectives to become familiar with all the stuff. I'm just going to use simple editing procedures to make videos for my websites but it's facinating to experiment with all the tools that Premiere Elements has.


            I wonder who wrote Classroom in a Book. On Amazon I see - Author - Adobe Creative Team. But I think one person wrote it because sometimes an explanation is in the first person, and this first person has a voice. I trust a one-person author more than a team. It's just like a movie that's written by a team of Hollywood writers. You know that such a project is probably crap.


            Back to my problem. When I right-click on any of my folders and then click on "Reveal in Explorer" I see all my photos. But if I just click on a folder the way I used to do a few days ago I get that "No media to be displayed" message.


            What I'm going to do when I finish the Classroom lessons is delete all the DVD lesson clips from the Organizer and start fresh. I also just got the Photoshop Elements 11 for Dummies book so perhaps Part I about the Organizer will set me on the right course.


            Thanks for your suggestions. I'm at the beginning stage now where I might need a little help.


            This is an edit after five minutes. I just found the solution! I clicked on View/Media Types/Photos. Now I can see all the images in all the folders after I put a check mark in front of Photos.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I do not know about the Premiere Elements CiaB, but for several versions, the Premiere Pro CiaB was authored mainly by a gentleman, Curt Wrigley. He was also very active in the PrPro Forum, but has sort of disappeared now. Not sure who took over for that particular book series? He also once had a great Web site with many useful tutorials (most worked well in later versions of PrPro, and could be easily interpolated for many versions of PrE too), but the site has been taken down, with all those great, albeit older, tutorials gone with it.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Besides some of the resources, that you already know, and have, here is a list with a few more, including Steve's books, his Basic Training, his Learning Series and his Tips & Tricks. Also, Lynda.com gets good recs. around here. http://forums.adobe.com/message/3953827#3953827


                Good luck and happy editing,