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    creating an array of movieclips in AS2 oop

      Long time proceedural programmer trying to switch to OOP. Using the book "Object Oriented Actionscript for Flash 8" I've created the example of a class with a movieclip passed to it as a parameter. Trying to expand that to an array of clips/classes and without success.

      Here's the class:

      class Location extends MovieClip {

      var targetMC:MovieClip;
      var x:Number;
      var y:Number;

      function Location(targetMC:MovieClip, x:Number, y:Number) {
      this.targetMC = targetMC;
      this.x = x;
      this.y = y;

      function moveTo(x:Number,y:Number) {
      this.targetMC._x = x;
      this.targetMC._y = y;

      and for a single clip the following works well in the fla

      var myLocation:Location = new Location(dot, 200,300);

      However when I try to create an array of 'dots' it doesn't work.

      var myLocation:Array = new Array();
      for(x=0;x<5;x++) {
      var myLocation[x]:Location = new Location(_root["dot"+x], 200,100+x*30);

      Also how do I avoid using the _root command in this?