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    Win7 won't open with PSE 11 installed.

    John in Houston Level 1

      I have been using PSE 7 for a few years.  I just bought PSE 11.  The PSE 11 instruction sheet said it is OK to have two versions installed at the same time.  I installed PSE 11.

      I restarted the computer and Win7 wouldn't open.  I tried a couple of times and then opened Win7 in Safe Mode.  I used System Restore to eliminate PSE 11 and, and after a restart, Win7 opened normally (with PSE 7 still installed).

      I uninstalled PSE 7 and restarted Win7 normally.  I installed PSE 11 and Win7 would not open.  I uninstalled PSE 11 and reinstalled PSE7 and Win7 is opening normally now.

      Did I just waste a lot of money updating PSE?

      John in Houston

      My system:  Win7 64bit,  AMD 4 core CPU,  16 gigabytes RAM,  hard drive has 300+ gigabytes of free space,  EVGA/NVIDIA graphics card.