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    if else statement regarding the position of playhead in a symbol


      Hi there,


      I am really new to adobe edge and also java script, so my question here could be an easy one to be answered, at least I hope so.


      My problem is following:


      I have two symbols resp. two movieclips on the stage, and they are happening on the same place within the stage, but - of course - not at the same time. That's at least what I am trying to accomplish with if statement.


      The scenario is following: When I press button 1, the animation (symbol) 1-a is playing until the frame 50 and it stays there until I hit close button, then it plays from 50 to 100 and returns to frame 1 within the symbol 1-a.


      There is also animation (symbol) 2-a, which also plays until frame 50 and stays there, and this at the same place within the stage.


      What I would like to do is following: When I press button 1 for example for playing animation 1-a, firstly it should check where is the playhead of the animation 2-a, and if it is frame 50, then the hitting of the button 1 should firstly play resp. close the animation 2 and then play animation 1 until 50.


      I hope I could explain my problem sufficiently, and I am looking forward to answers.