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    Bookmarks "look" is ugly


      My bookmarks, when assigned, are a horrible shade of green and underlined.  I can not find prefernces to change the look of the bookmarks in the CSS or anywhere else, all I know is that I don't want the expletive deleted bookmarks to be green and underlined. I want the bookmark to look like any other text.


      Where in the tanj are the bookmark "look" preferences?


      I have a deadline and I can't release the help files looking like this.



      - Dana Kincaid

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          Captiv8r Mythic

          Hi there


          Are you referring to what you see in the editor? Or are you seeing this in the output?


          If it's the editor, that usually doesn't show up in the output. But there is something I'd advise. It sounds as though you selected text, then made the selected text a bookmark. I never advise working that way as you paint yourself into a corner if you ever need to change the bookmark's location! Instead, I recommend inserting the cursor just before the text and insert a bookmark that way. You then end up with a little flag icon that may be easily clicked and dragged to a new location on the page if you need to.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Dana_ATR Newcomer

            Oh!  Good idea and thanks, I'll do it that way.

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              Dana_ATR Newcomer

              And I was referring to what I see in the Editor.  I have not actually seen the output yet.