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    got my audition dynamic link fixed last week - but today it all blew up

    iUtopia Level 1



      I'm reporting a bug. I don't have a screen cap but I'll go through what happened.


      I could never edit my audio directly from AE or Premeire. it was grayed out.


      so finally I wanted to get it fixed, googled it, plenty of people have this issue. Call Adobe.


      Which I am loathe to do. Your tech support is the absolute worst, a giant embarrassment to your organization and the united states in general.


      So I get involved in this 3 hour call with my grumpy over worked and mistreated tech guy. We have to uninstall everything, redownload everything. it takes 2 call backs and then a third, and my whole Thursday afternoon 4+ hours by the time it was totally done. was a serial # issue. I've been buying adobe software since cs3 and its an ordeal with these crazy serial numbers not working and this and that.


      But! When it was done I could open my audio pretty easy. now I could make a change in Audition and jump back and forth.


      Great stuff.


      I just had it totally blow up on me though. Not a big deal. This kind of thing happens but I thought I'd let you know. I had a link from Premiere into after effects. when I tried to edit the audio from after effects it crashed aftereffects, opened audition with my file ready to go, and then Premiere crashed.


      Also, please mark me down in the column of people who mentioned that your tech support is horrible on many levels and a black mark upon  your soul.


      I'll try not to open a link like that from AE again.





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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          You posted this message on a User-to-User forum.


          Telling other users about your bug accomplishes nothing. Feel free to submit a bug report. Adobe reads them.




          However, if you want to describe the problem in detail, using screenshots and providing all of the information you can, then someone here might be able to help you.

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            iUtopia Level 1

            good deal. I am filling out their bug form right now.


            they have a very interesting feature. Even though I am filling out a form about Premeire, there's a bunch of questions that pertain to nothing I'm contacting them about.


            Before getting to the dialog box to fill out my request or bug feature there's a bunch of non-relevant questions about whats my browser and web server and database.


            I'm writing about video stuff and this sloppy form has browser and database questions all over it.


            Sloppy work. Part of the reason I'm trepedacious about filling their crap out. I see how sloppy they consistently are and could easily see these forms going to some dead email.


            but I'll fill this out.


            thanks for the heads up!

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              I understand that you are not a big Adobe fan, so perhaps you are unaware that Adobe writes software that has a considerable amount to do browsers and web servers, Application servers and databases.


              If you look carefully, you will notice that the enswers to those questions are not marked by the red asterisk and therefore are not required in oreder to complete the form.


              I don't intend to be rude, but I would like to suggest that you slow down, take a breath, and realize that there are effective ways to get the results you wish to achieve, and none of them include annoying the people who take pleasure in helping people. Many of the users here, incuding myself, like to help people as a hobby of sorts. 


              In the meantime, there are probably workarounds to achive the goal while you wait for Adobe to fix whever bug you believe you have discovered.


              I must tell you that they do not repond to the people who submit the reports unless there is additional information that may need to be gathered.


              Just for the record, I believe that symptoms like you describe are unique to your system and are not globally systemic in nature. Therefore, I suggest that you provide this forum with a description of your hardware and software, the type of audio and video you are trying to edit, the versions of your software, and much more. It is entirely possible that someone might suggest a solution based on your computer's configuration or software. Things that might not be discussed by Adobe employees who are forced to assume that your hardware is OK, because indicating that your hardware is insufficient to the task, or walking you through checking your RAM or your page file settings would be taken as stepping over the line by many customers.


              There is a FAQ that lists the way to ask questions. Feel free to take a look through it and then see if you can provide enough information for us to attempt to guide you to a satisfactory result.




              This could be important to you:



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                iUtopia Level 1

                cool. thanks I'll look into that.


                somethings up. now my photoshop just blew up on me and its been very stable all through cs6.


                I'm a huge adobe fan but I am annoyed with them.


                thank you for your help.