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    Impossible to switch between mac an pc?


      I have converted a project from Final Cut Pro (on a mac) to Adobe Premiere (on the same mac). It worked fine first, but then I was going to start editing on a PC. Then I had trouble finding the project files and when i tried to reconnect them, Premiere said they weren't the same files. I'm using cloud CS6 on both the mac and the pc. I'm also using a mac-formatted external disk (and MacDrive on my PC). I hope someone can help me as soon as possible.

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          shooternz Level 6

          There is not enough information for anyone to help you solve your issue  but I will offer some general advice...


          Finsh a project where you started it.


          You have transfered and converted a project from one application ( FCP) to another ( Premiere) then gone another step (cross platform).


          Not sure why you are doing all this but I would not expect that to go smoothly or easily unless you really organised your projects , media, fx, transitions etc and the location of your source files.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            First, try getting the media onto an NTFS formatted hard drive.


            Next, make sure the PC version of PP is activated.


            If you still have issues after that, it's possible (even likely) that the media is using a codec that's not available on the PC.  (FCP has the bad habit of converting footage to something else before editing.)