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    File Locations with 2 Hard Drives

    TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

      I have read the recommendations to set Elements up with 2 hard drives. Now I would like to have specific locations for drives C & D.


      I am planning to have the Elements software on C and ouput encoded mpg files to D.

      Is it best to keep all the project files on C also? If the project files are on C, it seems that any Captured files would by default end up on the C drive. Is that Ok, even tho they would be generated files, and hence might seem better on D?


      Would it be best to keep reusable Titles,  picture, and audio files also on C?


      Thanks for any input!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Considering on the workflow and throughput, I would look into this:


          C:\ OS, programs and probably Windows Virtual Memory Page File

          D:\ Projects, Assets, Scratch Disks and then Export files


          The ideal is to spread the I/O load over the available HDD's, as much, as is possible.


          Good luck,



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            TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

            Thanks again Bill for a timely response.


            We have just started up what will be our primary Video Editing Machine. It is an i7 cpu with 12g of memory and 2 2TB hard drives and Windows 7 Pro 64 bit  that we are certainly expecting to give us some nice performance.


            I had not considered that we should specify where to locate the Virtual Memory page file. I have heard that 7 does a better job of controlling that than earlier versions. I would guess that we shoud make setting that up as a priorty so that VMPF would be relatively close to the center of the drive before it gets too clutered. In 7 do you have any thoughts on the size? And also can that be set as a fixed location or is that best way? With the 2TB drive we should be able afford to set it ip for best performance.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I have read the same thing about Win7, being better. I am still running XP-Pro SP3 on my two main machines, so have not explored the Virtual Memory/Page File settings in Win7.


              Also, with a 64-bit OS, and plenty of installed RAM, the Page File becomes less important, than with a 32-bit OS.


              When all computers (mine included), go to 64-bit, with a ton of RAM, we'll probably see few discussions on Page File sizes, and locations.


              For me, my Page Files are on D:\, and were set up statically, at ~ 2.5x my installed RAM, and were created when those drives were clean.


              Good luck,