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    color gamut issue


      Hi, I am having a problem and I am not sure what's the cause but I think that it is related to gamut.

      I recently noticed that some colors started to show as black instead of their original color. for example if I open a new document and set it's background to #00ce57 I see it in black instead of neon green.

      when changing the color mode to 32 bit I see the correct color and also when I am turning on gamut warning all the black color turns into gray.

      what can I do to fix this? this is bothering me a lot.


      heres an example:

      this is how the image should look.


      and this is how the image looks in photoshop:


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          Curt Y Level 7

          What video card and driver? 

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            Curt Y Level 7

            If you turn off GPU, or put it in basic mode do you see change?

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              crumbzz Level 1

              ATI Radeon HD7950

              and by turning off the GPU do you mean to go in photoshop under Edit->Preferences->Performance-> uncheck "Use Graphic Processor"? if so I did try it but it didn't help.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                Yes, that is it.  ATI has yet to come out with a good driver for CS6.  So far the best is 12.8, but it has some color issues.  Noel has been testing and keeping us up do date.  12.13beta is last version.  They also just brought out an uninstaller which Noel posted a few days back.


                Might run some scans to see if you can find some of his posts on drivers as answers problems.   Try "ask question" and also on web.

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                  crumbzz Level 1

                  the thing is I am pretty sure it worked fine until a couple of days because I just noticed this issuse and I've been runnig this configuration for some time now.

                  couldn't it be some setting that some how changed and is causing this now?

                  are you saying that everyone with the ati cards are having these issues now as well?

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                    crumbzz Level 1

                    I see... I just read Noel's thread. I did update the gpu driver recently to fix another issue I had and I guess it had an effect on photoshop as well.

                    I'll try the beta drivers.

                    ATI are starting to fail me that's a shame because I really enjoyed thier previous GPUs... maybe it's time to move to nvidia

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                      crumbzz Level 1

                      yea upgrading the driver to the beta version(13.2) did the trick although from what I understood it isn't advised to run the beta drivers but I am not totally sure.