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    trying to make sense of div tags and css

    thefortunecookieguy Level 1

      i know that i am a few years late here, but i am looking ot make the migration from using tables and switching over to div tags and css. i have watched a few tutorials on you tube and am trying to understand everything.


      please tell me if this is correct.  a div tag is basically a table and css is what is used to style that div tag to meet your needs, is this a correct assumption??

      if you go to my current site www.tankinz.com you can clearly see that the site is made up of tables, basically these boxes or tables contain a different item or package that a customer can click on and buy.  by using div tags and css would each of these boxes, or tables be their own div?


      sorry for sounding a bit moronic but i am trying to make sense of all of this.


      please help!