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    How to set Keyframe duration automatically?

    Rodan_Shiner Level 1

      Hello. I am using Flash Pro CS6.

      Now I am trying to  place bitmap image sequence on a layer. I imported images as image sequence using the menu "File - Import - Import to Stage", and Flash Pro automatically placed them into a layer, but all keyframes are set as 1 frame.

      Plz see the picture below.



      "1F" layer shows the situation. I import image sequence into "1F" layer. All keyframes are set as 1 frame, but I want to make them to be 5 frames like "5F" layer.


      Is there any way to make all 1frame keyframes to be  5frames automatically? I need to import lots of bitmap sequence and place them in a layer and adjust duration. It's really time consuming If I need to set the duration manually.


      Please give me your advice.Thank you in advance.