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    Moving from Flash to Adobe Edge - concerns


      Lets Design makes flash banners for some of our clients (we also make flash games).

      We'd like to shft toward html5 animated banners. As a business we do not wish to take a risk and jump to using Adobe Edge / HTML5 if it's deemed too risky. I would like to know if anyone has any reasons for us not to do this shift?


      I would also like to know of this communities opinions on the following:

      1. Their is a post on Adobe Edge examples. Inside this thread are a number of links to peoples examples. A vast majority point to 404 pages and to pages that take an age to load. Should this slow loading example pages be of concern to us and subsequently our clients?


      2. What are the best graphic formats to use for Adobe Edge. I'd like to start using SVG, yet Adobe seems to have a lack of integration between software packages. Where do you create vector SVG and does it form part of a good workflow with Adobe Edge?

      If not, what is the best method for Vector graphics, it seems Edge haas it's issues with dealing with vector?


      3. Does it support sound yet?


      4. What programming can go alongside the animations. Javascript?

      How deep can you program the animations, can you make games?


      5. If you were to recommend a rival software to Adobe Edge, what would be the best alternative?

      Is it better?


      6. If you could say 1 really bad thing about Adobe Edge, what would it be?


      7. How steep is the learning curve for someone who animates in flash?


      I welcome any answers and help you can give me, even just to answer 1 of the questions.


      Thanks and best regards,



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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


            I'm not sure what page you are talking about that has 404 errors on the examples. The Edge Animate Showcase can be found in the link below which has examples of Edge Animate that all work and load perfectly fine for me:





            There's all different options for graphics/image formats for Edge Animate. Ultimately it's up to you and what you want to deliver for your audience, but the link below points to an article written to explain all of the different image types and what their pros/cons are, as well as talks about best practices for images in Edge Animate:


          http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/edge-animate/kb/best-practices-graphics-edge-animat e.html?promoid=KBHBC



            There is a way to add sound in Edge Animate, however it is all dependent upon the browser's support of audio. This thread below will point you in the right direction on code examples to add sound to your file:





            The programming that Edge Animate supports is Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. Many users have made games using Edge Animate, and you can find links to examples of these in the Edge Animate Showcase link that I posted above.



            At this time there really isn't anything quite like Edge Animate with it's tools and smooth integration into the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite. My suggestion to find rival software is to search on a search engine for HTML5 software.



            The learning curve for Edge Animate for Flash users is minimal. Coming from Flash myself, it only took a couple of days for me to pick up the interface and functionality of Edge Animate. Below is a link to the getting started tutorials on Edge Animate:





          I hope this helps! I know some of these answers are a little vague but my only suggestion is to try out Edge Animate for yourself and see if it's right for you. I know I fell in love with it as soon as I started using it. : )

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            If you dont want to shift to adobe edge there is the createjs webkit plugin for Flash professional. It basically is the flash professional enviroment that people are used to. You can do about 85% of what you can normally do with creating flash as with HTML5. The only difference is where you normally would do actionscripting you would place a


            /* js


            "insert your javascript code"




            i have been developing flash applications while at the same time trying to create a suitable html5 clone alongside.


            Me personally i like adobe edge more. But it is missing a few things.


            Here is the link to createjs webkit extension for flash.



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              Jerry Witt Level 2

              If you have experience with Flash, I don't think you will find the learning curve for EA to steep.


              There is one consideration about creating HTML5 banners for ads that your question didn't touch on. If you are creating ads for syndication through an ad network, do they accept HTML5 animation? It's easy for them to deliver a single .swf. But the collection of files associated with a EA creation may be too complicated for them.


              Of course if you are creating animated banners for sites you already manage, this is not an issue.


              I would be willing to bet that better sound and better vector file format support are being worked on at Adobe at this very moment. Even though EA is hamstrung by what the various browsers actually support and even their playback policy; these are the two areas that get the most focus from new users.


              For example, iDevices require the user to actually trigger the playback of audio or video. So you can't necessarily have have the intersection of two symbols trigger as sound. (If an EA superstar has a solution for this I am all ears.)


              So that leads to the answer to your question, "If you could say 1 really bad thing about Adobe Edge, what would it be?" Because Flash was a stand-alone plug-in that ran inside the browser and EA is dependent on the browser itself, some features are not available or do not work consistently across all browsers.


              Of course that's not really EA's fault. And there are some things you get with EA that you would never get with Flash. (An H1 tag inside an animation would never be "seen" by search engines in Flash, pretty challenging to make an animation "responsive" in Flash.)


              So I think it is worth the effort to learn to use Edge Animate. It's just another tool in your utility belt.

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                letsdesign Level 1

                I'd like to personally thank everyone for your concise comments and thoughts.


                I have further reveiwed the information and find the following major problem:

                Vector Graphic manipulation:

                - using vector graphics in Adobe Edge seems to be underdeveloped.

                - it would be great for a direct integration of Adobe Illustrator with Adobe Edge.

                Adobe still hasn't fully integrating their file formats across their own software, much to my furstration.

                I can't count the amount of times I have had to deal with issues of illustrators doing work in illustrator and then not being able to port to flash. This was a real issue with flash, that over 10 years, which arguably still hasn't been solved.

                - Scaleable Vector Graphics seems the obvious solution, yet Adobe Edge doesn't fully support the format and the ability to import and edit the parts of a SVG inside the program.


                If Adobe solved the SVG issues, they'd have a winner. As of such, we are going to stick with Flash until they sort this problem out. I think it's too much of a risk to jump just yet.


                Again, thanks to everyone for your great answers.

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Integration with other Adobe app like AI and PS are on the drawing board for future releases.

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                    I have created my first banner ad in EA. It was fairly easy and MUCH more enjoyable than Flash. In Flash we had been using Vector grahics for our type

                    and then in EA ... I have found that using the type as a .png looked much crisper. Yes, at first, not being able to use vector was frustrating, as I have a multitude

                    of saved graphics as .ai, but this has become a minute workaround.


                    My big issue is finding ANYBODY who will accept HTML5 animation for banner ads. Even Google scratched their heads on that one.

                    If anyone has any insights to this problem, I am all ears.

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                      sarhunt Adobe Employee

                      Glad to hear you're liking Animate!


                      Re: My big issue is finding ANYBODY who will accept HTML5 animation for banner ads. Even Google scratched their heads on that one.


                      I'd be curious to know who you're talking to. DoubleClick accepts Edge Animate content, as well as dozens of other ad publishers. Some ad vendors have their own requirements when it comes to filesize, folder structure, etc and since Animate is so new some are unaware that we've actually done a lot of work to fit into the ecosystem of today's HTML advertising model.


                      If you're getting pushback from your ad vendor about Animate content feel free to ask why. Usually these are questions we can answer


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                        mattbbcmk Level 1

                        Thanks Sarah. Feeling priveledged to having the Product Manager responding.

                        I will take your advice and ask "Why."  I thought I might not have been explaining

                        things well to sales people when I introduce myself and briefly explain that I would

                        like to provide HTML5 content including js and CSS3 files. It may me that the sales

                        or ad manager is not able to explain to tech support what I am providing. Also, Google

                        was promoting something called AdWords and that is the only product I thought they offered.

                        Will look into DoubleClick.





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                          sarhunt Adobe Employee

                          Haha! Well it's good to be appreciated


                          Yes if you're using AdWords you won't have much luck with Animate since it's primarily text-based content. You might want to ask about their other creative advertising platforms if you're interested in creative advertising.