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    Change the text displayed after selecting drop down item


      Hello, I have searched the web for days and have yet to figure out the answer to this.


      I have created a form that has numerous drop down menus.  What I am needing to do is when the user selects the drop down menu, it will show a list such as:



      Helmet & eye protection

      Helmet only

      Eye protection only

      Bicycle helmet


      However, once the user selects the value, I need the PDF to display a 1 digit number instead of the text from the dropdown. So:


      DROP DOWN TEXT                 DISPLAY

      None                                        1

      Helmet & eye protection             2

      Helmet only                               3

      Eye protection only                    4

      Bicycle helmet                           5


      I hope this is understandable. I think this is a very easy script, I just cant get it right. I do have a little knowledge in scripting, but not a lot.

      Thank You for your help!!!