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    Player 6 Actionscript

    scootdown Level 1
      I am editing an older website that uses a dynamic Flash 2004 navigation menu. The below Actionscript is placed on frame 1 of the root timeline. The text strings are loaded dynamically, such as "Home", "About Us", etc. The functions over and out create interactive button rollover animation.. We are trying to upgrade the flash file to 8 however the AS will not work above player 6. Anyone know a simple upgrade to Flash 8? Thanks for any help....


      a1.onRollover = over;
      a1.onRollout = out;
      a1.buttText.buttonText.text = "Home";

      a2.onRollover = over;
      a2.onRollout = out;
      a2.buttText.buttonText.text = "About Us";

      a3onRollover = over;
      a3.onRollout = out;
      a3.buttText.buttonText.text = "Products";

      a4.onRollover = over;
      a4.onRollout = out;
      a4.buttText.buttonText.text = "Contact";

      function over(){

      function out(){