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    Asus P9X79 Build - SSD Speed Issue

    Rich Film



      Over the past month I've been looking over the hardware builds and associated issues with the Asus P9X79, and using some of the tips/tricks made great progress with my buy and build...at least the first few hurdles.  I used the tips for sorting the memory etc.


      Here is the spec of my build:


      1 x ASUS P9X79 WS - Motherboard

      1x Intel Core i7 3930K - 3.2 GHz

      8x8GB Kingston XMP Beast Series 1866MHz DDR 3

      2x Gigabyte 2GB Geforce GTX 670 2048mb Graphics Card PCI (only one installed at the moment)

      2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD

      Have put this into a Thermaltake GT 10 case

      Windows 8 Pro Build 9920

      Bios 3209


      The build went quickly and smoothly, minus the CPU cooler, I can tell you definitively that a Zalman CNPS12X Ultimate Performance Triple Fan CPU Cooler does not fit with these components.  Retrofit a model from another PC and will have to replace that.


      The issue that I am looking for some assistance with is the speed of the Samsung SSDs.  I set up the disks in Raid 0 in the Marvell screen, and set up the other drives for Raid in the Asus Bios screens, and only then installed Windows 8 Pro. 


      My plan was to run the SSDs in Raid 0 for programmes and then store working files on another 512GB SSD, and frequent files on a 1TB 10,000 RPM drive, and then less frequently accessed files on couple of more standard 2TB drives.  I love Harm’s build, but I primarily work with film and scans, and video is more of a side-line for the family etc., and I don’t have the technical competence!


      Having done that, and then installed the drivers for the P9X79 and Samsung Magician (which does not recognise the Raid 0 as a Samsung Drive.  In running the performance stats in Magician I am getting read speeds of 400 MBps and write speeds of about 250 MBps.  I think I should be getting around 500MBps for read and 400 MPps for write?


      So have I made a mistake in running the main drives off the Marvell SATA ports?  I thought that with the on board SSD on the P9X79 that would be the fastest.  Or perhaps I have I missed something in the set-up of Windows 8?


      Apologies in advance for the long note.



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          Esreuter1 Level 1



          This in no way answers your question, but I too was looking at that cooler.


          It is a ridiculs design, even on non x79 platforms it blocks memory slots.


          I went with the Zalman cnps9900max. Havent had any heating issues yet, though i havent pushed my cpu above 3.9, I am just learning overclocking.


          You will not have any memory issues with that cooler though. High or low profile ram, the cooler leaves lots of space on both sides, also installiation on the socket 2011 is a breeze. I have experience, at least in that field .


          Thats all, just wanted to give you a heads up.



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            Rich Film Level 1



            Thanks for the post.  The cooler looked great on the website, but it is a monster and I ended up bending cooling fins in getting it in which then interferred with the fans.  I spent quite a while trying to get it to fit and there is just no way with the memory I using.


            As it happens, I just ordered the CNPS9900 this evening.  I looked at the NH-D14 and decided against it despite Harm's use in his build, purely because it looks like another behemoth and I will probably never be a big overclocker.



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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I prefer the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO on my builds. Inexpensive, I always add a second fan and no problem with memory, you might get a couple of degrees better cooling for more money and harder to access the memory.

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                JEShort01 Level 4



                Speed wise, it seems that the Samsung 840 Pro SSDs perform best on Intel 6GB ports, not Marvell ports. See the following link, particularly near the bottom for more details: 


                http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/296511-14-solved-samsung-slow-buil d


                Unfortunately, moving a boot drive from Marvell to Intel could be such a disaster you could need to reinstall everything, but I can't say for sure.


                Good luck!



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                  Rich Film Level 1



                  Thanks for the lead, I knew the Marvell ports did not work terribly well on my older Asus board, but naively thought that it would be rectified on a newer board.  At any rate, I am going to reinstall everything and then also use some additional tips I found on Tom's Hardware.  I've also ordered a HighPoint RocketRAID 640L Internal 4-Port PCI Express 2.0 x4 SATA 6GBPS Controller Card so that I have some additional SATA III ports. 


                  I'll post the process and results for future users if I've any success.