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    2x4 Avery Label Template


      I am on the fence about buying this product. On one hand, it is the only program I've gotten to cooperate in terms of printing out labels properly. I am designing labels for wine bottles for my boyfriend's business. I feel it would be cheaper to do it ourselves than to pay a professional (we did before, she charged us an absurd amount of money AND made a ton of mistakes). Beforehand, I was using Publisher.


      Pros of Publisher:


      You only have to edit and create one label. It applies it to the entire template upon printing - this allows me to work in a larger scale and really go wild with what I want the label to look like.


      Con of Publisher:


      No matter what I do, always prints off center. Labels unusable.


      With InDesign, they print perfectly. But, the template for the labels is in a format that forces me to:


      A: Edit ALL TEN LABELS one by one

      B: Work on a very tiny scale because of it



      I never thought that a Microsoft product would be more practical than an Adobe product - there must be something I am missing. The template I downloaded from the Adobe site for the 2x4 Shipping Labels started out promising - it was just like Publisher has it, just one large image you can edit and such. I figured, Cool, if this prints right all will be well! The template must be incorrect, because it did not apply the 10 per page format, instead wasting an entire label sheet and printing out in 8x10 format. Irritating.


      So I got the InDesign template straight from Avery. The page that opened was simply an image with all 10 labels visible. It was VERY hard to edit. I had to simplify the labels a lot to even make it work. They print nice, but you can tell that a non-professional did them. I designed the first batch of labels and can perfectly duplicate them, but since the template forces me to work in a VERY small scale, a lot of the bells and whistles weren't doable.


      Is there something I am missing? I have a LOT of flavors to make labels for. Having to edit 10 labels at a time, over and over, on an irritatingly small scale is not something I am looking forward to at all.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but a pro should admit them and fix them, no charge.


          Doing 10-up is actually simpler than you might think. One method is to do the one in the upper left, then use Step and Repeat (under the Edit menu) to make the other 9 in one operation. If you need to make a change, delete the 9, then fix number one and repeat the S&R process.


          An altrnate method is to creat a file the size of one label, then place that inthe upper left position on the template, and again, step and repeat. If you need to edit, you do  it in the original single label file, then update the links on the 10-up version.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            but since the template forces me to work in a VERY small scale, a lot of the bells and whistles weren't doable.


            Is there something I am missing?


            ID's zoom range can be anything from 5% to 4000%, and there are many ways to change magnification and pan—the menu's View>Zoom In and Out, the control panel's Zoom View, the Tool Bar's Magnifier, plus a number of key commands.

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              Dmammano89 Level 1

              Yeah, I agree with that. She did say that she would take a few hundred off the next batch, but never refunded a single dime for the first one, so we're trying out being self sufficient. The Step and Repeat button is probably what I need to make sure each label is perfect. I was originally thinking of just making an image for it like you said and adding in text as needed. I'll try both methods and see which one works best

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                peter minneapolis Level 4

                In addition to step-and-repeat, you might want to look into InDesign's data merge feature. You can set up a single label and have it repeat multiple times per page. It's more complicated to set up the first time. The label graphic needs to be in a data file that data merge uses. Search Google for terms like "InDesign data merge multiple records per page," without quotes for details.











                Peter Gold

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  I have to deal with Publisher files occasionally. In all cases, if the Publisher file is otherwise fine, I do a Save As and save the copy as a PDF. Using a 2" x 4" Publisher template and saving it as a PDF, everything is lined up just fine and prints to my printer (from the PDF) perfectly.


                  Using just the print function also does fine (lines up with the PDF print). So it may come down to Publisher using the printer's margins when directly printing from within Publisher.



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                    John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    ...thinking of just making an image for it like you said and adding in text as needed.


                    What you're missing there in Peter's suggestion is that in InDesign, you can import an InDesign file. So, make an InDesign document that is just one label, and do the whole design any way you want it. Save it as a separate file, (separate from the template). Now go to your 10-up template and choose File > Place and navigate to your single-label InDesign file. Use Step & Repeat as suggested to make the other 9 copies. The placed label and the 9 copies are now linked to your single-label file, so any edits you make to it will update in the 10-up file via the Links panel. You'll never again have to edit the 10-up file at all...only keep the link updated.

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                      [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                      > ... only keep the link updated.


                      How about Kelly Vaughn's amazing trick to keep *everything* inside a single document? http://indesignsecrets.com/use-place-and-link-to-impose-documents-in-a-printing-workflow.p hp