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    Rendering problem (whitish)


      Hi !

      I have a problem with my videos. recorgind with Fraps, the vidéo .avi is like that :




      But when she is encoded, colors are less exactely (whitish) (and vague in some scenes) :




      This is my Adobe Premiere Pro CS6's configuration :


      http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/05/1359913309-jvc-3.png (sorry, I'm french)


      For a better view :




      I'm French, so go easy x)


      I don't think at a PC problem :

      I3 3220 - 3.3GHz

      8Go DDR3

      Sapphire HD 6870

      Windows 7 Pro 64bits


      I think I haven't forgotten anything, thank you !


      PS : I have already do 5 or 6 forums .. Without reply :/