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    Is my Macbook Pro fast enough?


      I have a late 2008 17" Macbook Pro with 4G of RAM, and was wandering if it was fast enough to run PPRO CS 5. I have just moved from using Final Cut Express 8, to using PPRO CS5. I am a very experienced audio engineer, but am in no way a professional video editor, although I have done quite a bit of video editing in the past. I am a music person that has over the years fallin in love with video. Most of the past video projects I have done were in SD and not HD. I use an external drive with eSATA, and have not have any problems with video playback in the past, but the current projects I am working on are in HD video, and I am experiencing some playback issues.. The video plays back fine in any video player and in the timeline window, but in the source window in PPRO CS5 playback is very pixelated. It's playing in real time, and I know this because the audio is smooth, but the picture looks like the pixels are constantly moving around. Hard to describe! It exports fine. I burned a DVD and played it on my TV, and it looked good.


      I probably know the answer is a new computer, but any advise is appreciated!


      Thank you