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    How to put text over bg in cell




      I made a table, put the images in which I created as slices in photoshop (making sure they all fit in tidy columns and rows) and in one cell I want to put text over an image, so I hit 'edit rule' and set the background image and then told it not to repeat, etc, but although the background image shows up in dreamweaver, it does not show up in either firefox or internet explorer.  Here is a link to the page so you can see what I am talking about.   I have never used this feature in dreamweaver before - used to use an earlier version without the 'edit rule' button.  I probably did it wrong, but cannot figure out what was wrong.


      Thanks a ton in advance.  Feel free to comment on everything about how I did it - if it is sloppy or a bad idea, let me know.