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    Record sound and send it to a server


      I worked with flash many years ago with... flash 5 :) Yes, I know that many things changed. Now I program on C, PHP and etc, but I need some help. I want to make a simple flash applet, that records a sound (voice) from the users mic and then sends it to my server. I was searching for such solution/tutorial, but I did not find something usefull. I changed maybe 15 times my keywords, but nothing helps. Could you please give me a hint or a link to tutorial where I can see how to make this?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Have you figured out how to do this? I am facing the same problem...

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            Greg Dove Level 4
            The question comes up occasionally on the forums. You can only do this with flash media server on the server side or (I assume) the open source variants (e.g. red5). You can't do it from straight flash as far as I know.
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              vendor.net Level 1
              Yes :) I found how to do this. You must use a media server. The free and open source alternative is red5. I`ve installed it on windows. Than you must write the client side flash file. I managed to get an open source code. It is very basic. It just records a sound and sends it to the server. But you can modify it if you wish. The hard part is already done :) After you have the flash file (client side), you must have an application installed on red5. This application is the link between red5 and the client side flash. There is such demo application in red5 already installed. I`ve managed to modify it for my needs, but again the hard part is already done. The applications in red5 are written in java, maybe python, but I am not shure. So this application oflaDemo gets the DATA from the client side and record it on a fla format on the server. There is a linux tool to convert it on mp3. To find all this I searched for some weeks. On the net this information is not correct "googleliezd" :P I`ve changed 20-25 key words to find what I want.

              I hope this will help you!