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    Upgrading to CS6 Design and Web Premium from CS4 Design Premium Install Failure

    snickyt0213 Level 1

      I am trying to upgrade to CS6 Design and Web Premium from CS4 Design Premium on Win 7 (32bit).  I am nistalling from the DVD which was purchased from the Adobe Store.  The box says it is for Upgrading from 4 or 3x.   I am entering the CS6 serial number and it is able to validate it.   When it goes into the Preparing to Install mode  the status bar never changes and after what seems like a very long time the Installation failed message is displayed.  I ran the Adobe Support advisor and  followed the link to the page that tells you how to resolve the issues and chose to go into the registry and look for "In Progess".  There was no "In Progress".     I have the serial numbers for CS4 and CS6 so they should be valid given that both were purchased through the Adobe Store.   I am very frustrated!!!!!!!!! 



      Installation Status:


      Install Status.jpg

      Installation failed:

      Installation failed messge.jpg


      Adobe Advisor Results:


      Adobe Support Advisor Results.jpg



      Registry Session.jpg