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    Can you have different setup settings on one document?



      I'm new to In-Design. (I own CS5) I used it back in college to make a double page spread but have only returned to it now at University. I have to create a book and submit it, in print ready format. I've tried things out for myself but some things just confuse me.


      Basically, I've created a front and back cover with a spine on a document. I am wondering if I can work on the same document with my book pages and have my book pages set up with different margins? (for the inner sides)

      I've been working on a seperate document for the book, but I'd like to have it all in one file to submit for the project. I'm also looking at getting the book sent to some publishers afterwards as I've been advised to. I'm just having troubles with general set up.


      Also, this isn't in the title question, but if anyone can answer another, I'd be very grateful!

      My story has to be 16 pages. With an inside front and back cover as well as the main book cover, that's a total of 20 pages and 6 sheets of paper, right?

      When I put in the other 18 pages, Pages 1 and 18 are seperate (non facing) pages. How do I make them print together? I did a test print and they didn't print like a double page spread... or is it that when it comes to properly printing and binding a book, pages 1 and 18 will join together?


      I'm terribly sorry for the newbish questions. I have tried researching a lot but still got confused and it's my first time learning about publishing anything other than a single piece of paper.


      Thank you