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    Why is the audio in my souce video drifting?


      I am using Windows 7 64bit, and I am importing several pieces of video into Premiere Pro CS6. I am having audio drift problems with one particular piece of video; it plays normally through other players (WMP, VLC, Quicktime) but when it is imported into Premiere, the audio drifts on the source video playback as well as the sequence timeline (even when the sequence settings match the source video.) Here is the information on the troublesome file:


      Format: MP4

      Frame width: 1280

      Frame height: 720

      Data rate: 3015kbps

      Total bitrate: 3114kbps

      Frame rate: 25fps

      Audio bit rate: 99kbps

      Audio channels: 1 (mono)

      Audio sample rate: 48 kHz


      The video files I have were recorded with a Logitech webcam software, and have the same frame rate, audio sample rate, etc. Some of the files have differences in data rate, and audio bit rate, ex: some of the files have a data rate of 3014kbps, or an audio bit rate of 98kbps, but they imported properly. I've been stabbing in the dark and encoding the problematic video file to different formats through the Media Encoder, but I'm still unable to find a format that doesn't drift in Premiere. I found that if I unlinked the video and audio on the sequence timeline, and changed the duration of the video segment to about 100.1%, the beginning and the end of the video would sync, but everything in between was still out of sync.


      Are there any formats I can convert the file to to fix this issue? Again, it plays back normally in all other players.


      Thank you very much for your time. I am new to video editing, and I really appreciate your response.