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    I know nothing. PLEASE HELP ASAP!


      I have been trying all day to get onto a website that I have used for years and until about 3:00am.

      It is called rcampus.com.  A screen shot is below.  Hours ago I sent tweets to the site but got not reply.

      I am a teacher.  I have to submit report card grades in less than 12 hours and my Senior English students grades for one assignment are on that site.

      PLEASE HELP ME.  I have NO technical knowledge.  This is the only link on the site and I am praying someone here knows what to do.

      I need the grades at minimum and ideally a copy of the rubric I used to calculate those grades.

      The class is called University English.  The class code is ENG4U

      My login for the site is msstarkman and my password is michael1

      Here is one of the links from my history.  I think this is the rubric for one student: https://www.rcampus.com/rubricgradeeditf.cfm?c=%26%2D%5B%274R%2D%3B%2D%0A&r=%26%2D%5B%23%3 CQ%5D%27%28%0A&g=%25%2D%3BC2S%3D%24%20%0A&f=Sgr_Calc_Score_38724&framed=true&OnSuccessPost =promptclose&OnSuccessRefreshParent=no&nocache=1359858954375

      Here is another link from my history.  I think this goes to the class grading where I save the grades: https://www.rcampus.com/gradeeditc.cfm?Cls_Id=111736&Gdb_Id=&r=109843&nocache=135985894468 7


      Here is the screen shot from the main page.  THANK YOU!