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    save a separate swatch

    Arrakis Level 1

      Ok so Im trying to figure out what seems like a very confusing and unituitive swatch system in illustrator.


      I am creating some work and during this process I have made a new pattern swatch. All I want to do is save this swatch so that I can use again later perhaps in another document.

      It is my understanding that I must remove all swatches from the swatch panel except the one I want to save then save it to the user defined folder.

      So I did this but when I then go to open swatch library and choose the one I have saved it also opens up all the others in that folder as tabs.  I dont understand why. I only want to open the one I selected not all of them.


      Also why must I first trash all the swatches just to save one??  Seems completely cumbersome, unituitve and frankly annoying. I then have to make sure I save the others before trashing so I can reload them after I save the pattern.  what the

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Swatches are always saved in the document you created them in.

          A new document contains the set of swatches that are in the chosen document profile.

          A swatches library contains all those swatches that were in the panel when you saved it.

          You can open any AIdocument via the "open library" command


          Don't know what you mean with this "all libraries open when you open one of them "