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    'Unexpected error' - restarted Edge, now my project is gone.

    FloatingAdrift Level 1

      Edge hit an 'unexpected error' and I couldn't save the project before restarting. Apparently it corrupted the file because it was blank when I restarted Edge and tried reopening the file.  I opened a previously published version I had and now the file contains a duplicate of every Element with "</>" tags in front of all of them.


      For instance, I had a symbol called 'rotating_bg' placed on the stage.

      After opening this file I now have 'rotating_bg' as well as a '</> stage_rotating_bg'.  Every element was duplicated this way.


      The project still works, but now I have no idea how to edit the file since I don't know what I'm looking at.


      How do I recover my project?  If I can't clean this back up to the original format, how do I proceed with what I have?whatisgoingon.png



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          tfbkny Level 1

          Unfortunately in my experience there isn't a way to turn rendered pages into An project files (hence restoring the symbols). I am sorry you'll have to restart using what you could recuperate and rebuild symbols and interation... a major unwelcome PITA, but sadly unless someone more knowledgeable from An team will weigh in with a solution or workaround I don't think there will be a way to fix the problem in a quick fashion. (I speak from personal experience as I've been there before as well... definitely not fun to deal with these havoc-wrecking errors)


          I've also experienced more instability with Edge Animate lately. There must be something not working properly that is causing these application errors. I tried to reproduce the error to detail the steps that might help pinpoint the root cause, but it's an elusive bug as it seems to happen randomly. I only noticed that it happened upon changing the content of several symbols (in my last case were just text and shapes so nothing major). Trying to save once the error occurs, it won't work as it will fail to save and all changes will be lost.


          I just wasted about 2 hour of work and while these errors were something I would understand on a beta version, having them happen on a final version used in a production environment, it's truly disappointing and very disruptive. I know that by definition elusive bugs are hard to spot and fix, nevetheless this must be looked into as when it happens it's very deleterious and time consuming. I let you imagine how much fun that is when something like this happens when having to deliver work to a client, not to mention how it all reflects on those who rely on Animate to produce the work to be delivered.


          I'd suggest to have someone in the QA/Testing team to really pound on the application doing some complex work (nested symbols, interactions, scripting etc.) to try and get this bug to rise its ugly head. On my end I'll try to pay more attention to what I was doing so that I could be able to provide more detailed info on what may have triggered the error next time it'll happen. (BTW This is something I think I reported a while back before the v1.0 release).


          Thanks Adobe Edge wiz team!




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            FloatingAdrift Level 1

            Argh! I was afraid of that.


            I do have nested symbols, but only about 3 deep. 


            I know exactly what happened when the error occured:

            I had just optimized some of the images I was using with photoshop, saved them as new files and redirected the animation to the new images.  I then deleted the originals that were in the folder.  I forgot that I was using a few of the images in a separate symbol and hadn't redirected those images from the deleted ones to the new ones.  When I Ctrl+Enter'ed to view in the browser, it crashed.


            I had (40+) hours into what I ended up with, but fortunately, I was 99% complete - I only need to make some changes in text which I should be able to do in the Edge Code or Dreamweaver.


            Despite the crash and losing the project (ouch!), I really love Edge Animate - it's very intuitive for my workflow.


            Thank you!



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              tfbkny Level 1

              I agree with you... I love Edge Animate and for being so "young" it's a wonderful program that will allow many to express their creativity a little bit easier with each new version

              Sorry could have not been more helpful and had to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully the wizards will be helped by your additional info here so they will catch and squash the bug!


              Best of luck with the rebuilding and remember to save often, backup even more often.