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    Installing CS6 on a replacement hard drive (same Mac Book Pro)


      I am running the latest version of CS 6 on an older (2008) 15" Mac Book Pro (OSX 10.8.2), when I'm away on assignment.  The original 200GB hard drive needs to be replaced and in preparation I've cloned the complete system onto an external hard drive.  I'll be replacing the original hard drive with a larger (1TB) version and can clone everything back onto the newly installed hard drive when it arrives.  But in the "test" I tried today, PS CS6 would not open.  How do I go about installing my legally obtained and paid for copy of CS6 onto the new hard drive?  Do I de activate the present version, then download a copy to the new hard drive and activate it that way or will that be seen as a third machine, since I have one copy on a desk top and once on the old hard drive in the Mac Book Pro.  I just don't want to loose a CS6 activation?

      TYhanks for any wisdom on this