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    I am facing problem while accessing property value when i include a component inside another

    sudeep.srivastava Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am unable to access property value of richtext of a compoent that is included in another compoent.

      I have created a compoentA at following location myProject/components/componentA.

      I then created componentB at this location myProject/components/componentB

      ComponentB contains a design_dialog that has a richtext widget with following properties:-





      I have then included componentB in componentA.jsp using <cq:include path="productdescription" resourceType="myProject/components/componentB" />.


      I have then dropped componentA on a page. In design mode i could see the edit dialog for componentB and on edit I could see the rich text, but when i am trying to access the values entered in richtext inside componentB.jsp i am getting null/default value.


      <%=properties.get("description","Description not present")%>



      Can any one tell me why the property is not accessible on the included component.