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    PE 11 Slideshow is blurry

    Apple Miga Level 1

      I created a slideshow in "Elements Organizer" then "exported the slides" by saving it as a .wmv file because that will allow me to change the slideshow size to 720 x 480 (DVD NTSC).  


      When I view the slideshow in Elements ORganizer, my pictures are very sharp.  When I exported the slideshow to PE11 to add it to the end of my move, the pictures were terribly blurry!   I read somewhere that I had to reduce the size of my pictures for PE 11 or else they would turn out blurry, so I did just that.


      I also tried to just select my slideshow from Elements Organizer to "edit with Premiere elements" and when I do that, the pics/slideshow also turn out blurry in my PE 11 project.


      What am I doing wrong?   I suspect that if I created a DVD directly from Elements ORganizer, the slideshow will not be blurry (because my preview is very sharp), but I would like to have a slideshow at the end of my move on PE11.....


      Thank you.