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    How to import Nodetypes using nodetypes.cnd file




      I found at page: http://wem.help.adobe.com/enterprise/en_US/10-0/core/using_crx/content_import_and.html

      that it is possible to import nodetypes.cnd file. Is was located in the META-INF directory in the example.

      Unfortunately when I try to import additional nodetypes using nodetypes.cnd no changes are visible in my Adobe CQ enviroment (CRXDE Lite, NodeType administration). 

      Does anybody know how to deal with such problem?




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          There are two options available to you,


          1. Goto main console of crx, select node type administration, select "Import Node Types", copy/paste the cnd file in the textarea, keep "Automatically register nodetype" checkbox checked, and click "Submit" button, your node types will be available under "Custom Node Types" section


          2. If you want to create custom node types programatically, then check the code in import.jsp of crx-explorer_crx.war under nodetypes folder, in this jsp CustomNodeTypeMgr is used to create and register the custom node types.