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    Emails in CQ5?

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      I have a requirement in which I have a form that will take inputs from the user and on the submit of that form the details need to be sent to a particular email id. As I am new to CQ5 I don't know how to send an email in CQ5. Can anyone please provide me some help telling me the steps to send email in CQ5. Please explain in detail how can I send email in my case to a particular id.

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          Hi Yogesh,


          I have couple of doubts.


          1. Dynamic Participant step :

                    I created workflow in which I added Dynamic Participant step. In "Participant chooser" I selected "Random participant chooser". When author invokes the workflow, he should able to select the Recipients. But when the workflow is invoked the dialog is not shown to select the Recipients.

          In one of the forum thread i saw /libs/cq/workflow/components/inbox/list/json.jsp was modified and was asked to add the following


            // write dialog path

                      String dialogPath =

          wi.getNode().getMetaDataMap().get("DIALOG_PATH", String.class);

                      if (dialogPath != null) {





          Note : http://forums.adobe.com/message/4813131


          After the did the cahnges the dialog does not appear when workflow is invoked.

          Please let me know how this can be done ?


          2. I am trying to create a workflow to send email. I followed the steps which was given in the following forum :

          http://blogs.adobe.com/learningwem/2011/11/27/cq5-4-workflow-process-to-send-an-email-usin g-messagegateway/


          When java code compilation is successful. But when i try to build the bundle, i get following error


          Class com.test.workflow.SendHTMLEmailProcess is using deprecated javadoc tags

          The error is shown for


          * @scr.component metatype="false" immediate="true"

          * @scr.service interface="com.day.cq.workflow.exec.WorkflowProcess"


          * @scr.property name="service.description" value=

          *               "This is the workflow step for sending email notification"

          * @scr.property name="service.vendor" value="MyApp"

          * @scr.property name="process.label"

          *               value="MyApp Send Email Notification"



          Can you please let me know what need to be done ?


          3. The OOTB provides option to Activate Later. Where author can specify the date and activation time. I want the same feature with One step approval. The activation later should hapn with approval from the approver. Can you please help me how this can be acheived ?


          Please reply at the earliest.