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    Reducing top frame margins around the Contents button/image (X5)

      I have replaced the standard Contents button with my own 56px-high image along with a 58px-high toolbar background gradient image to match other non-WebHelp parts of my internal KB (the background image has to be 58px to sync with the gradient on the Contents replacement image and not leave a margin between the bottom of it and the top of the content pane).

      Instead of the Contents image being flush with the top and left parts of the browser window, there is a 4px margin to the left of the image, and 2px margins on both the top and bottom of the image. In the Index.htm, I found the frameset code for the top pane:

      var strHTML = "<frameset rows=\"61,*\" hostof=\"parent:toolbar!startpage:yes\" frameborder=\"0\" border=\"0\"><frame src=\"whskin_tbars.htm\" id=\"toolbar\" frameborder=\"0\" border=\"0\" scrolling=\"no\" noresize marginheight=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" title=\"Toolbar\"></frame><frame src=\"whskin_frmset01.htm\" frameborder=\"1\" border=\"1\" scrolling=\"auto\" marginheight=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\"></frame></frameset>";

      If I change the 61 to 59, the 2px margin on the bottom of the image disappears, but if I go any further, the image is cropped and the top 2px margin remains. In that same block of code, I tried changing the frameborder and border parameters that were 1 to 0, but that didn't have any apparent effect. And in the whskin_tbars.htm file, I tried adding leftmargin="0" and topmargin="0" to the body tag, but that didn't do anything either.

      Those are the only obvious places I can find to try any remove those margins. Anyone else know where else to look?

      I am using Firefox 2.0 with IE Tab, but have also checked in IE 7 itself, and the problem is the same in each browser/mode.