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    i18n text in Geometrixx demo site always display english version




      In Geometrixx footer (apps/geometrixx/components/page/footer.jsp), some text is displayed using i18n.get(). Like for example:


      <p><%= i18n.get("We would like to keep in touch with you. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter on the latest products and services from Geometrixx.") %></p>


      When I display a translated page, for example in french, I expect to get the french version of the i18n text. However, whatever the language, the english text is still being displayed.


      I tried different texts, make sure the text exists and is correctly translated with the CQ Translator tool, activated and re-activated the page,... tried with other pages, ... always the same result, I'm unable to get the translated version.


      What am I doing wrong? or missing?


      Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!