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    How do I subtract a value from a given value using checkboxes?


      I'm new to Adobe Acrobat Pro and my JavaScript skills are non-existent. I would greatly appreciate some assistance with a scoresheet I am trying to create.


      I have a total of 100.00% in a final score box, and I want 4.16 subtracted every time a checkbox on that sheet is checked.


      So, for example, I have 24 blocks that can be checked, labeled "AL1Check Box25" through "AL1Check Box48."


      I have a total score box, labeled "AL1_FINAL_SCORE," that has a value of 100.00%


      Every time a box from "AL1Check Box25" through "AL1Check Box48" is checked, I want a value of 4.16% to be subtracted from the 100.00% of "AL1_FINAL_SCORE."


      I tried to set as an average, but Adobe automatically rounds up to 4.17, since 100/24 = 4.16666666667. I need to round down to 4.16.


      Please help!