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    mapping different styles to xml tags based on master page template?


      Hi, i am working on a document that imports data through xml and mapping my tags to styles to format the data, i am wanting to know if i can change the style of formatting depending on what master page type the document is currently using, here is an example of what im trying to achieve…


      A listings document of multiple places, say towns thats split into countries.

      Each country is colour coordinated so;

      England = green

      USA = red

      China = blue


      I want all the town names to be formatted the same font, size etc but i also want the names to be coloured as above…


      So i set up a style for 'town-name' which is mapped to the 'town-name' xml field and sets the font formatting.


      I set up master documents for each country (only difference being the colour)


      Then i drop all the England towns into the England master page, USA into USA etc


      I want the town names to appear in the correct colour as above…


      So, can i achieve this by mapping tags to styles and selecting a master page, if so how? or is there another way to achieve this other than renaming all the xml fields to include a reference to the country…


      using inDesign 5


      thanks in advance