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    Xtype DateTime issue


      Hi All,


             I'm using CQ5.4 and have been using datetime long time, last week i encountered very strange issue, from the date field I've selected the Feb 1st and submitted the form but the value stored as Mar 1st rather than Feb 1st.
      I've set my local date as Jan 31st and opened the date form and I navigated to Feb month and selected Feb 1st and submitted the form, its stored as March 1st. Interestingly if I select Feb 1st from Jan month window, it stored as Feb 1st, if I navigate or clicked next month to move Feb window, and selected the Feb 1st, its stores as March 1st.

      Have anyone faced the same issue? Please guide me sort this issue.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi Ganesh,


              I haven't come across such scenario. Might be your custom widget issue. Make sure to verify the against oob datetime field. Ex:- page properties on/off time

          If works OOB then review custom component.




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            mgm4161 Level 1

            Hi Sham,


                      Thnks for reply and I've fixed the issue. Page properties on/off also have the same problem. There is issue in datetime widget updateDate funciton, In Day forum one of user also had the same issue and he raised the adobe ticket and got fixed. this issue fixed in CQ5.5


            Thanks again,