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    display strings in swf files


      I would like to apply rcs tags to flash swf files. I put the tags in as comments to flex and mxml code, but am unable to read them in the compiled swf file. For clarity, rcs tags are used by revision control systems to maintain revision,  date-timestamps and other information in source files. They can be viewed in the executable binary code in *nix systems using tools such as ident, strings or readelf.


      Would anyone know how this should be done with swf files? What tools are available to display strings in binary swf files?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          The SWF format is public.  SWFs have a header and then the rest is normally gzipped.  I think we still support the option to create unzipped SWFs, in which case I think unix strings would work.


          There is a SWFDump tool in the Flex SDK that converts a SWF to XML.