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    Edit file on SharePoint




      At my office, we use SharePoint as a filesystem.

      I'm able to open and edit a file (jpg) directly from the SharePoint location.

      But if i want to safe the file back Photoshop CS5 always freeze, i can't do anything.

      After about 15 minutes i get a small error message that tolds me that something with the volume is incorrect.


      Has anybody a idea?



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          I have no experience with Sharepoint, however after a little reading it seems that Sharepoint is essentially Dropbox (and do tell me if this assumption is incorrect or correct). My solution for the problem would to simply not try and open the file straight off of the system. It could be that the system likes to lock out programs as they are editing the file, or a simple incompatability.


          Downloading the file(s) that you want to work on, then replacing them on the Sharepoint system would probably be your best bet until a more favourable workaround or solution presents itself!





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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            SharePoint/ WebDAV resources are normal files/ folders. This should work without jumping hoops. However, PS files potentially being large-ish there could be all sorts of performance and network issues at play. Indeed downloading it locally and moving it to the server later would probably be the best way to handle this.



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Opening and saving files directly across a network is specifically unsupported by Adobe.  Some find it to work, some don't. 


              As the above two respondents have said, copy the file to your local machine, work on it, then copy it back when you're done.


              This has the added advantage of helping protect files on the network server from mistakes you might make as well.  Most collaboration systems expect you to make a local copy of data assets to work on them.



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                sirultrator Level 1


                I thank you for the hints.

                I'll try it out.


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                  IT Hit Level 1

                  One option is to use a SharePoint app that can open psd and other documents that can be edited in Photoshop:


                  You can save the document directly to SharePoint server from Photoshop using regular Photoshop Save menu.


                  In case of jpg, the jpg extension must be associated with Photoshop on a local computer to be opened directly from SharePoint doc library in Photoshop.