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    WMV files not displayed in compiled CHM


      Working in RoboHelp 10.  I added a multimedia files to an HTML topic using Insert>Multimedia\demo.  I generate a chm file using:  Generate> webHelp to CHM Converter


      I have a folder of video files (wmv) in the same folder as the help.chm file.  The videos show up correctly in the WYSIWYG preview and in the compiled help.chm file when it is opened directly (double click on help.chm).  But when I call the help.chm file from my application, the videos do not show up.  I looked at the properties of the video and the path is incorrect.  For instance, when I open the help.chm directly, the correct path shows:  C:\help files\videos\video.wmv   But when opened from an application, the path becomes:  C:\My Application\videos\video.wmv


      Any help is appreciated.  Or if there's another way to link these files, I would try it...