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    Constraints interface for Custom Dialog fields similar to Form Fields upon CQ form submission


      Hello Team,



      I have a requirement where inside CQ form start and end, I have dragged a custom component which is having 3 fields for login lets say user name, password and email. I have not dragged and dropped the 3 form fields seperately inside the form, rather I have dragged a custom login component containing this 3 fields.



      Now, the same way we can apply the constraints to the form fields the feature which comes OOTB. I want to build the interface for specifying the constraints on my custom login component dialog. I have copied the dialog and able to view the constraints same as in OOTB Form Field.



      The problem is when I am submitting the form with my custom login  component, I am missing some connectivity where to write the logic to apply the constraint script to the fields in my custom login component. For the form fields in the form, if we apply any constraints, automatically that constraint script would be executed and it is OOTB. I wanted to acheive the same functionality of applying the constraints to the fields inside custom login component dialog and upon submission of the form, those constraints need to be applied to those fields.



      Any pointers towards the solution would be highly appreciable.



      Best Regards,