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    How to link text from Word?


      How can I link the text from Word to InDesign? Is it merely to link the entire document, or can I link the same document multiple times? This is because I want to add pictures and graphs between the lines.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          File > Place.... and select the document. You might want to show import options as you do this. It will import as editable text that you can manipulate in just about any way you like. Ordinarily this text is not linked back to the original file, so subsequent editing in the Word file will not be refelcted in ID, but you can set your preferences before importing to Create Links to Text and Spreadsheet files (under File Handling) if you want to be able to update to any changes (editing and formatting you do in ID will be lost when you update, however). This option can be turned on or off as desired to link some files, but not others.


          If you wish to, you can place the same file multiple times, but there may be simpler ways to get multiple copies, so more details about waht you need to do might help.