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    Run Script on Document Open Event

    jkinsman Level 1

      Ok so I know about the afterOpen event and I think I understand how to use it, however, I don't understand how to make it open for a specific document.


      I don't want this script to run on every document that I open, I want to embed it in a documnt and then run it everytime I open that document. Is this possible?


      Perhaps run the script from scripts label?


      Or would I just put a script in the startup panel and then create a session script that checks the name of each document opened and then runs the script if I have a match?



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          dulajun Level 2

          As you chart put this in the startup scripts folder

          //startup script
          #targetengine "session"
          function main(){
              var myEventListener = app.eventListeners.add("afterOpen", excuteScriptLabel);
          function excuteScriptLabel(myEvent){
                    //The parent of the event is the document.
                    var myDocument = myEvent.parent;
              if (myDocument.constructor.name == "Document") {
                  if (myDocument.label != "")
                      app.doScript(myDocument.label, ScriptLanguage.javascript);


          Then try this line on a document and save it, then open the same file and some other others, you will notice that this code only excuted on that document:


          app.activeDocument.label = "alert (\"Yes\");"; 
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            haim6130 Level 1



            You said that if I want to script to run of specific document, I need to put that line in the document.

            Where \ How do I put that code line in the document?


            And, The script that you first wrote, how do I run it? just save a JSX of it in the 'startup script' folder?