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    Flex Skin Design Extension

    Muzak Level 3
      Downloaded both the Flex Skin Design Extension for Flash and Fireworks CS3.
      After installing I can see both extensions in the Extension Manager.

      The one for Flash CS3 works and I can create a new document from the Flash Templates.
      The one for Fireworks CS3 doens't seem to have installed anything and is not listed in the Fireworks Commands menu as explained in the docs:
      Access the command from Commands > Flex Skinning > New Flex Skin / Export Flex Skin

      I'm on Windows Vista 64bit.

      Since I didn't get any errors when installing the extension, I assume files are being missplaced or something.


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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          I have it under the Commands > menu item, though I am on WinXp, so not sure if that made a difference.

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            Muzak Level 3
            As I said, they're not properly installed, and there's no "Flex Skinning" menu item in the Commands menu.

            I have by now figured out where the files did get installed to (wrong location) and have copied them manually to the correct location, which on Win Vista is:

            C:\Users\[USER]AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS3\Commands\

            I can't remember where they initially were installed to though but it may have been something like:


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              Rebecca H. Adobe Employee (Admin)
              Hi Muzak,

              I was just able to reproduce the issue here when I did not install the extension as as Administrator. To install it as administrator, you'll have to set the property on the Extension Manager executable itself:

              1. Browse to the Extension Manager install directory - the default location is:
              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager
              2. Right click on Extension Manager.exe
              3. Click on the Compatibility tab
              4. Under Privilege Level, check Run as Administrator

              You'll probably want to remove your previous installation of the extension before re-installing:

              1. Double click on the MXP file
              2. Click No to the "Do you want to replace...?" dialog
              3. File > Remove Exension

              Now you should be able to install correctly by double clicking the MXP file again.

              Hope this helps,
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                Muzak Level 3
                Hi Rebecca,

                Thanx for confirming what I already suspected. Vista playing the security thing on me. Normally when trying to install something which requires Administrator rights, Vista will warn you (and ask for permission).
                This doesn't seem to be the case for the Extension Manager and rather than asking for permission, files get installed to a (safe??) location.
                In doing so, the extension seems to install correctly, but Fireworks doesn't recognize it, as files are not installed in the proper location.

                I fixed it by manually copying the files to the proper location as I mentioned earlier and since that worked I didn't bother looking into the Administrator thing (which I should have).

                Still, strange thing is that the Flash extension installed just fine. Only the Fireworks extension went haywire.

                If anyone from Adobe is reading this, might be a good idea to put up a warning on the download site for Vista users (in case there isn't one already - and I missed it) to run the Extension Manager as Administrator before installing any extension.