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    Adobe LiveCycle - Creative Cloud


      So I upgrade to Creative Cloud.  I download and install Acrobat XI Pro.  I want to edit an old PDF that has an interative form.  I open up the PDF.  I'm told "This form cannot be edited in Acrobat.  Please use Adobe LifeCyle Designer to edit this form.  Learn More".  The "learn more" takes me to a page where the only option is to download trail software or purchase Lifecycle for $299.  But I don't want trial software.  I probably won't use this software again for months - at which point I'll be back at square one.  And I pay a monthly subscription for the Creative Cloud prisicely so I don't have to purchase individual product licenses.  Isn't that the point?  So I get on Adobe Chat Help - and after 30 minutes I'm told Lifecycle isn't part of Creative Suite.  Are you kidding me?  Isn't building/editing forms an important part of Acrobat?  So I seriously can't edit an old form unless i pay you another $299???  What am I missing Adobe???